Isolation Gown-19

By Aaboli Fashion

Rs. 350.00

Product description :

Protective Coverall is disposable safety work wear made of
lightweight, breathable polypropylene.
Suitable for various applications, it helps provide basic barrier
protection against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous

Style description :

Made with a breathable material that helps reduce heat
build-up and promote comfortable wear.
Elastic waist, ankles, and wrists for convenience and freedom
of movement.
Two-way zipper with storm flap for convenience and to help
provide additional protection.
Does not contain components made from natural rubber
latex to help prevent reactions from users with latex sensitivities
or restrictions.

Product : Disposable Isolation Gown
Style NO : SPFH012
Fabric: Multilayer 511/15 fabric
Elastic: Neoprene rubber (latex free)
Thread: Polyester
Color : Blue
Sizing : An appropriate size should be selected

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